Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie: Robin Hood (2010)

I really didn't know much about this movie before we watched it. I assumed the plot was the same old rehash, which really didn't keep me from wanting to watch it.

This Robin Hood is actually a prequel. This story is of how Robin became Robin Hood and how he met his men.

It opens with Robin Longstride fighting in the crusades with King Richard who was actually kind of an ass. Richard gets an arrow through the neck and Robin leaves.

On the way home, he encounters the king's right hand knight. The dying knight gives Robin a sword to deliver to his father. He takes the sword home, meets Marion, and deals with some at-home issues and an invasion by the French.

This movie is quite realistic. Everyone is dirty and the castles and villages look real. You can really tell where the 200 million dollar budget went. Acting by Russell Crowe (Robin) and Cate Blanchett (Marion) is flawless. Max von Sydow is endearing as the blind, slightly loopy yet good-natured Sir Walter. Oscar Isaac makes a wonderfully repulsive and self-centered Prince John.

Robin Hood is a very intelligent and complex movie. This is not an invite-your-drunk-friends-over movie. You actually have to pay attention to fully understand what's happening and appreciate the story to the fullest. It definitely gets an A.

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