Tuesday, December 7, 2010

happy google books day!

Google Books finally launched!

I poked around on their site for a while and here are some initial impressions.

The site runs smoothly and has a nice display of books and magazines on the home page with a list of category links on the lefty.

The magazines samples had a fair amount of content, about 30 pages in the ones I read. There are supposedly a bunch of public domain on there for free and current books for sale. I didn't dive into any books today.

My complaint - the website does not function well on the blackberry and there is also no blackberry app as of yet.

You spoiled iphone and ipad users, of course, already have an app ready to go. But I'm not bitter. Ok, maybe I’m a little bitter.

Google Books also does not work on Kindle. Although, I think I read that if you buy a book, you can select a mobi (kindle) file type.

Babylon Dragon (my first novel) is on there. I submitted it months ago. Here is the link. The preview and the cover art don’t seem to be working. I need to work on that.

Click here to go.

I think the site is awesome. I will probably spend hours on it.

That's all I have for now.

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