Thursday, December 16, 2010

a facebook rant and Maxwell Dean's disapproval

I have lately noticed a crowd on the facebook who seems to not quite grasp the concept of the status post. People slap up vague exclamations that don't really say anything.

Sort of like this - "finally!" or "so excited!" or "not again!"

I think this may be an effort to elicit some attention.

The point of the status update is to post something that tells your facebook friends what you're up to. On my Facebook app on my phone, the status box asks, "What's going on?"

If someone in real life walked up and asked - "What's going on?" and you responded - not again! Frown emoticon - how would they react? Would they a) back away slowly, b) look at you as though they have reached the conclusion that you are in fact a moron, or c) jump up and down with excitement because they get to repeat their original inquiry? Hint: C is not the correct answer.

I mean, are we really all so starved for attention? What reaction do these people expect?

Is this how we want "friends" to respond - Golly gosh darn gee whiz, I will just die a little inside unless you elaborate. Please tell me, oh pleeez?

In fact, I just might start doing that.

Next time I read - so excited! Or something of the like, I may just have to respond with stalker level enthusiasm. And if I discourage them from posting that inane crap on the wall, then I will have done the world a service, my friend.

Now for a picture of my beloved feline. Maxwell Dean would like you to know that he also disapproves.

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  1. What a cute cat! He does disdain well.

  2. Thank you! He is a handsome man. He is also highly skilled in the art of lounging.


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