Wednesday, December 22, 2010

one more movie plus book working

The hubby and I watched two movies this weekend. The other was Paranormal Activity. I'm just going to do a quick rundown of that one because I'm short on attention span today.

Paranormal Activity is about a couple who is experiencing visits from a demon. Boyfriend buys a camera and other equipment to record evidence of the presence, much to the dismay of his girlfriend. He also does various things to provoke the demon in the interest of catching it on tape. Not a good idea.

There were parts of this movie that I loved and parts that I hated. First, that camcorder filming makes me nauseous, really a lot. Needless whipping of the camera causes my stomach to lurch. I actually had to cover my eyes during some parts of the movie to keep from vomiting.

Acting was meh.

The best thing this film has going for it is that the scary parts were really scary. The demon visits at night when the couple is asleep, ie at their most vulnerable. The true scariness doesn't really start until about halfway through.

I would give this one a B-. Without the scary parts, I would give it a D.

End movie time.

I'm probably going to push the novella release out to February. I'm working slow motion lately. I barely worked on the cover this weekend.

There will be no indie review this month due to a busy schedule, multiple projects and the fact that I started reading American Gods, by Neil Gaiman.

I've hit page 117 and I really like it so far. The voice is very masculine. One of my projects for next year is a novel written from a man's perspective. I'm trying to learn what I can from this book so I can apply it to my own work.

I like the level of detail in the setting and the people in the book. There's also a high level of weird. I'm no stranger to oddness in writing but something about reading this book renewed this sense of ok-to-be-weird-ness in me.

After I spent that four years writing and rewriting Babylon Dragon, I steered away from the stranger things in my writing because I worried that people didn't really get it or were put off by all the surrealness of some of it.

I think I'm ready to be abnormal again...after I finish the current work in progress.

Anyway, that's all I have for now.

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