Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wednesday tra la la

Today is the day of finishing my last readthru of the witch book! Aiiieeee! Any mistakes in there now are just going to have to be there. I am so fricking done.

Next things next. I have a long to do list.

I'm trying to hook up a blog book tour. I've never done that before so this should be an interesting experience. What is a blog book tour, you ask? A blog book tour is when an author goes rambling about the internet, appearing on various blogs by other people. From what I've seen the author contributes something in the way of content to the blog they're visiting, whether it's an interview or a guest blog post.

I am currently in the begging phase. I have one taker so far. So, if you have a blog and don't mind letting the riffraff (ie me) in for a day, hit me up!

I'm still on the hunt for a book reviewer too, professional, amateur, pretty much anyone. I can provide a free copy of the ebook in any one of a variety of formats.

What else is on the agenda? Ah yes, I have decided to release a hard cover edition of the book which will be available only through lulu. Special hardcover edition will have some extra artwork and will not be as flexible as the paperback. I am creating artwork for that this weekend.

Also on the to do list - ebook formatting! Can. You. Handle. The. Excitement?

Mmmm, ah, I will also be finishing the free short story ebook. That release will coincide with the the release of the AnnaBeth novel. The story will actually fall more in line with the classic horror genre than what I’ve written previously.

Plus I have some website design changes to make before the sept 15th online release party, probably more artwork. I really have a lot of drawing to do, basically. That's ok though because I have a fondness for drawing.

That's it for the book working updates.

BUT - I do have one more indie review for this month too. Some time within the next week or so, I will post something on The Tale of Spam City, by MT McGuire. This is another freebie I snagged on Smashwords.

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