Thursday, August 26, 2010

one mo

Here is one more rough sketch for the MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth. I should actually be working on the digital version of this right now.

Below is the paper rough. I usually sketch out a rough on paper with my very own flesh and blood hands and then trace/finish the picture on the computer in fireworks. Yeah, fireworks. I'm semi-old school like that.

This particular specimen is from a part of the book in which AnnaBeth is moving through a parallel, spirit realm type place. In the story, the eyes on the moth wings are blinking and such. There are actually several moths and they are noshing on some greenish roses. Have I mentioned my writing is a little bit on the strange side sometimes? Well, it is, sort of down the rabbit hole on occasion.

Sorry, this sketch is harder to see than the previous one. I used a mechanical pencil, which has a light touch.
Ok, so. Please don't forget to vote in the illustrated book edition poll on the right.
I may or may not pop in tomorrow evening, depending on whether I have that free download short story ready to go. I'm thinking that will be Sunday with an announcement on Monday.
I'm going to go finish this weird moth now.
Happy almost Friday.
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