Friday, August 6, 2010

Indie Reviews for this Month

Woo! Better late than never.

Apparently no indie writers wanted to have their book reviewed this month because I had zero submissions. Seriously, if you want your book reviewed next month, please submit the synopsis on the Book Reviews section of my website -
I don't bite. I'm not trying to rip anyone off. I do this shiz for free, with the exception of a copy of the ebook so I can read it.

Due to lack of submissions, I chose a couple of freebies from If you would like to download them and read along and comment on the reviews, please do! I actually think that would be pretty cool, and I'm sure the authors would appreciate it.

The first review will be on a short story called Minotaur Meats, by Matthew Sawyer. The second will be on a longer short story called The Tale of Spam City, by MT McGuire.

I have to finish my last readthru of MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth and then I will start reading Minotaur Meats.

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