Tuesday, July 10, 2012

new release book stuff

Hey, I have a book coming out soon! I swear these things seem so far out for a long time, and then all of a sudden, the release date sucker punches me.  I should probably post some book stuff.

Let’s see, it’s the second installment of the AnnaBeth books. The title is Devil in the Branch.

Here is the cover.

Now synopsis.
“Two years have passed since AnnaBeth's troublesome mentors skipped town. She has influenced no one's fate, nor does she have any desire to. As a result, her life in Fosters Branch is peaceful, maybe even idyllic.

When chaos descends, she suspects the MacDowell sisters have returned. The death of a friend, the arrival of the demon next door, and the disappearance of her boyfriend are only the beginning of her problems. She will be forced back into the perilous world she thought she left behind.”

Next, a chapter list

Chapter 1 Beginning of the End

Chapter 2 The Girl Next Door

Chapter 3 A Meeting Between Fates

Chapter 4 Burning

Chapter 5 Goodbye

Chapter 6 Calling the Devil

Chapter 7 Into the Veil

Chapter 8 Meeting the Demon

Chapter 9 Dinner and Drama, Party of Five

Chapter 10 Stalking

Chapter 11 The Raid

Chapter 12 Autumn

Chapter 13 Fleeing the Coven

Chapter 14 The Wolves

Chapter 15 Beck Langely

Chapter 16 Back into the Trenches

Chapter 17 Plotting a Surrender

Chapter 18 Into the Jaws

Chapter 19 Not Jogging

Chapter 20 Ready or Not

Chapter 21 Brennus

Chapter 22 Fox Willow

Chapter 23 The Saints of War

Chapter 24 The Book Awakens…Finally

Chapter 25 Stealing Souls

Chapter 26 Always that Kind of Party
That's all for now. Stay tuned for the book release on 7/24. More fun is coming later.

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