Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Remix Update plus Kindle Learning


Remix project progress - 30000+ words

In case you're to my neck of the online woods, the remix project is my current work in progress. I'm rewriting a century-old horror.

Judging by where I am in the story so far and where I need to go, it's either going to be a really long novella or a really short novel. I don't foresee it hitting 7000 words.

I had intended to make it a full novel, but the story isn't unfolding to that length. I'm alright with that fact because the pacing is perfect and the tone and the story are coming out as I'd hoped. I may add in a few things when I slash and burn the first draft, but I won't try to cram in any random story bits just for the sake of fattening it up. The story deserves better than that treatment.

There were a couple of discontented rumblings when What the Dead Fear was released only as an ebook. Remix is longer, so rejoice, fans of print, there will be a dead tree edition.

Work on the cover art MAY commence very shortly.

Rapid subject change.

Did you know that you can read this blog on your Kindle! Es verdad!

These directions work on my Kindle. It's the black one or dark gray or whatever they call the color. I figured out how to do this last night so I'm sharing for anyone who might not have gotten around to checking out the browser yet.

Directions. Here we go.

1. At the home screen, press the Menu button.

2. Activate thy wireless.

3. Via Menu, select the "Experimental" option (not as dramatic as it sounds) and "Launch Browser".

4. Be amazed at the awesome links already listed.

5. Click the first link to hop onto the internet.

6. Select the address bar - this may require some fiddling. I pushed up and to the right to get to it.

7. Delete the address that's already in there and type in the following.

The / : and - symbols are available when you push the "Sym" button on the little keyboard.

Select “go to”

8. Once the page loads, press "Menu" again and then "Bookmark this page".

Et voila!

Why the hell would you go through all this trouble to read my blog? The process isn't so difficult, is it? And besides, once you learn how to access this one, you can access other ones too. You could have a million blogs and other websites right at your pretty fingertips.

Hey, want some free reading? Check out the fiction freebie page on this very blog!
There you shall find links to two free ebooks on Smashwords and novel excerpts on Scribd.

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