Wednesday, April 27, 2011

book working on a Wednesday that sort of feels like Thursday but is actually still Wednesday

I swear today was just a long, slow-motion stream of relentless boredom! Even tasks that usually cause time to move faster were just mired in BLAH! I think it has something to do with the rainy weather.

Anyway, so I have a couple of pictures, both taken with the crackberry, so please forgive the grain.

The first is my beloved Moo. This quickly became one of my favorite photos of him. I love the emotion in his eyes. I took this during a thunderstorm. He's looking up because he hears wind pummeling the exterior of the house.

The second is an extremely rough pencil sketch of the primary graphic for a book cover for the remix project. As you may (or may not) be able to see, it's a half-lizard face and a very faint half-lady face. I may change my mind about using it later because, well, I'm really quite good at changing my mind.

Also in mind changing news, MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth is getting a bit of a makeover. The book isn't selling as well as I'd hoped and I think some minor tweaks might help move it a bit. I need to fix a couple of typos anyway.

First, it's getting a cover makeover. When I go back and look at the current cover, I think it could be better. The original isn't necesarily bad, but whose attention is it really getting? Is the artwork compelling? Not really. It's legible, and it's functional. Does it say anything about the story? No. You can tell a bird is likely involved but other than that, nadda.

So there will be a second edition with typos fixed, cover redesigned and possibly a new synopsis. If I can do so, I will probably take the original edition out of print. I also plan to give the AnnaBeth series a real name some time before the second book comes out.

Remix word count update: 33610

That is all.
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