Monday, April 11, 2011

movie twofer: Saw: The Final Chapter & TRON: Legacy

We watched two this weekend, so today's movie post is a twofer!

Saw: The Final Chapter

“Why do we watch these movies again?” I asked my husband during the opening scene of overboard gore that really had nothing to do with the rest of the movie. Another question that came to mind was - why is the blood pink? I do hope my television isn't having some sort of color issue. All the other colors looked normal.

Saw: The Final Chapter is like all the other Saw movies. Yippee doodle dandy. The story this time involved survivors of Jigsaw's previous traps. A guy writes a book on how his survival changed his life for the better. He gets rich and famous. Well, guess what. He was never in one of Jigsaw's traps.

Jigsaw found out about the book before he died and apparently set all this into motion. The author, his wife, his book publicist, his best friend, and his lawyer are kidnapped. Author man is tasked with saving them.

Gory hijinx, possibly with pink blood, ensue.

Baddies included Jigsaw's wife and that evil cop guy that keeps popping up in the series and a few others who shall remain nameless.

One thing that I find interesting with the Saw movies is that they rewrite their history whenever they feel like it. They take a character, insert them into some scenes that could have fit in the previous movies and act like they were there all along.

Final verse is the same as the first. The movie is Saw business as usual. Whatever. It's ok if you're bored, I guess. C-

TRON: Legacy

I swore I would see this in the movie theater. Alas, it was never meant to be. However, I did finally see it this weekend.

TRON: Legacy takes place years after the first story. Kevin Flynn disappeared into the system and his son, Sam, grew up without his father.

Alan Bradley, Kevin Flynn’s partner, receives a page (like on a beeper) from the elder Flynn's old office. The phone has been disconnected for years. Sam investigates and gets sucked into Tron land, which is not actually called Tron land.

With the help of super cute Tron girl, Quorra, he fights various naughty people while he searches for his father.

There were aspects of this movie I really liked - awesome special effects, no substantial lag in action, totally eighties soundtrack (with music by Daft Punk), acting was ok with one minor exception, which I'll get to here in a moment. I would've LOVED to have seen this movie in 3D on the big screen.

Aspects I didn't like so much - I thought Jeff Bridges' performance was too much "Dude". I'm a huge fan of The Big Lebowski, but that character didn't fit this movie.

The plot was meh. The story had direction, but didn't really end up anywhere substantial. It left me asking - ok, so what was the point?

Minor spoiler alert - there was also the unsolved case of the mysterious page. If I remember correctly, no one ever fessed up to sending it. So why did they keep bringing it up? Did the system send it like a distress call or something?

All in all, I wouldn't call TRON: Legacy a bad movie. I wouldn't call it a great movie either. It gets a solid B.

Damn that was a lot of words. I think I need a nap.

Tune in tomorrow for author Anne Albert.

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