Thursday, April 21, 2011

guess what. indie review!

I know, I know. Thursday has been a guest author day for the last month or so. The guest posts are over for the moment, with the exception of my one and only artist post, which is scheduled for 4/26. And maybe one more author in May.

Dry Bones is a short story about a man who is resurrected, body sans soul, and wanders onto a farm. There are some naughty people on the farm raping, killing and pillaging and such.

The story has powerful imagery and drama to spare. It's pretty well written. If I were to make any writing changes, I would kill all the "had" and "had been". They dilute the writing. I think the protagonist, Dry Bones, could've had clearer motivation too. I've never resurrected anyone but if I did, I would like to think I had some grand purpose in mind.

Good for a read. Free on the SmashWords when I downloaded it.


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