Saturday, March 26, 2011

what is this? naughty video game?

My brother has been on the Facebook, talking up storm about a super naughty wii game, and it amused me so much that I decided to put it on the blog. Ubisoft cooked up this gem.

The game is called "We Dare". Ooh la la. Party time! And what do we dare to do? We dare to spank eachother and take our clothes off and do unsanitary things with the wii remote. Oh my to the eight power!

According to brother dearest, Ubisoft has canceled the release and attempted to block the trailer from US browsers. Last time I checked, we didn't live in China.

You're freaky, Ubisoft. Never deny your true pervy self.

You would probably make a fortune.

Of course, maybe that was the point - to build buzz for the game. Video game development is mucho expensive. Why would they let the project get to this point and then abandon it? I wouldn't be surprised if this hit the shelf in the near future. I smell shenanigans.

Related note: I'll never look at the wii remote the same way again.

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