Monday, March 14, 2011

movie: The Town

The Town is a movie about a gang of bank robbers. During one of the robberies, they take a hostage and subsequently let her go. One of them is sent to intimidate her into not talking to the police (if I remember correctly) and instead falls in love with her. Also, the cops quickly figure out who the robbers are and spend most of the movie building a case against them.

The main character is Doug, as played by Ben Affleck. After he starts romancing the bank manager, he decides to change his life. This endeavor of his is complicated by the fact that he and his buddies work for the Irish mob. The mob really doesn't want to let him go because he's the brains of the operation.

The Town is a somewhat odd mix of action and romance drama. The movie had some slow parts in the beginning but was pretty good once it really got moving. I thought there was a lot of feeling sorry for Doug and his various situations with his parents and his new girlfriend and his old girlfriend and the police running him down, etc.

The Town was alright, not super great, but the acting was fine and the story was compelling. B-

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