Wednesday, March 2, 2011

changing gears

There is a story that's burning a fricking hole in my brain. I can't even begin to work on anything else. I'm going to have to drop my current work in progress and make a quick jaunt into this other universe for a minute.

I read this ebook I downloaded from Project Gutenberg and it's just begging for someone to reimagine it. I'm not going to say who the author is or which book, but it's going to be awesome if I can get it to be what I want it to be.

The genre is horror.
The author is not Poe, which would have been a good guess. But the author is really notable, as in there is a movie based on one of his novels - a good movie. This story is lesser known than the one the movie is based on.

I see potential in the concept, but the book itself is not written in a way that's appealing to a modern audience. I'm bringing the concept into current times and making that bitch scary.

I'm not doing a mashup. I'm not stealing anyone's writing. I am using certain parts of the conflict, including the monster.

I want to spend no more than 2 months on this rough draft because I have so much more planned for this year.

Let the word sprint commence.

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