Wednesday, March 9, 2011

designing imaginary places...again

I design imaginary places when I write. This time it’s the setting for the remix novel project. The building is called Ducat Tower. The name might change before the book comes out, FYI, but for now, that’s the name.

The fictional building has two different histories, as many places of interest probably do. There is the version people hear and tell, basically rumors, and then there’s the truth. With the remix project, the rumors are offered to the protagonist somewhat easily, as rumors tend to be. However, the truth about the tower will emerge slowly with bits and pieces in each chapter like delightful sprinkles.

I have two diagrams of Ducat Tower so far. One is a list of the floors, who currently lives on each floor (at the time of the story) and who originally lived on each floor. The original residents of the building are almost as important as the current residents, even though almost all of them are long gone.

I also have a map. Wait, is a map considered a diagram? Hmmm…anyway, it’s an overhead view of the property. There’s a garden to the side of the tower, an open pit mine behind the tower, and a set of abandoned tracks and some other stuff farther out.

My notes are helping me keep everything in order. I’ve referred back to them several times.

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