Tuesday, March 15, 2011

random Tuesday updates

What a fantastically awesome Tuesday. i mean that. seriously.

Remix word count update – 12,750

I'm still writing my ass off, pretty much whenever I can. I started staying up slightly later at night and thumb typing stuff on ye olde blackberry before I go to sleep. That seems to have really improved the pace at which I write. The kids are in bed; the house is quiet; and the only one really trying to get my attention away from the writing is a certain feline/furry stalker.

I'm still reading On Writing Horror, which is okay. So far, there has been a lot of explanation about traditional publishing and the same writing advice I've read in a bunch of other books - don't overdo speech tags, adverbs, etc.

That kind of writing advice is good but I wouldn't advise anyone to take it as scripture. Not that I'm sitting here polishing any literary awards, but if something works and flows with whatever I'm writing, I'm not going to change it because someone told me not to use an adjective. Whatever writing advice I read, there's almost always a revered author who has done the opposite.

Also, I found a typo in the book. I love it when I see those in traditionally published books because they make me feel better about my own screwups. If you're reading along, it's page 90 and says "Nobel rize".

They've also used the word "versimilitude" about a thousand times. It's like they're clubbing me in the head with it. I understand, now quit it.

I hope to get to better parts of the book soon. I bought it to learn about creating tension and scaring people with words. I haven't learned that yet. I paid full retail for this beotch. I'd better get some useful information soon or Mort Castle is getting an angry letter.


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