Saturday, October 2, 2010

novella writing update

I hit 10000 words on the novella yesterday! Woo, yay me, all that.

It's going pretty well. I figured out that I can hit about 1000 words a day during the week if I really get going and work through lunch breaks and some in the evening. Editing always takes me 5 times longer than the rough draft though, so it still won't be ready for a while.

I'm considering uploading the novella to authonomy before it goes to amazon and smashwords, etc, just to see what other people think. is a website on which an author can upload manuscripts for reviewers to read and critique. The idea is that a major publishing house might find your manuscript and publish it for reals, like through traditional publishing.

That's not really my end game, but hey, if it happened, I would be a-ok with it!

Anyway, so that whole process will delay the release to smashwords and amazon, but getting input from a completely new audience may help me to improve the writing before it's officially out. And of course, if you register for authonomy, which I'm pretty sure is free, you would be able to read it there earlier, and see whether other people like it or if they rip it to shreds. Exciting!
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