Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Prioritizing Brain and Unrelated Sleaze

Soundtrack of the Day: The Black Keys, Brothers
Planning to Read: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Holy crap. I need to focus.
Lately, my brain is just everywhere. I keep trying to take the writing and the art in all these different directions. I need to slow my roll because I am seriously burning out creatively, and I am way too young for that.

I decided against the separate blog for the art stuff. That's just too much. It creates another obligation that I don't need. I will just draw when I feel like it and post some stuff here occasionally. I have notes for like four novels, which is what I should devote most of my creative energy to.

Anyway, I saw something today that sort of disgusted me.

I am studying book synopses because I’ve decided I want mine to be better. I was on Amazon, researching James Patterson specifically. When I searched his name, the following novel came up in the results.

The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo

Um, seriously? So, let’s see, we are 1. using James Patterson’s name as a keyword (so this other author comes up when someone searches for JP), 2. ripping off the title The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and 3. capitalizing on the vampire trend.

# 3 is the least disgusting. The other two? Damn, man, have some shred of artistic integrity.

The saddest part is that the kindle edition was in the top 5,000 for sales. That means he is kicking ass when it comes to sales.

It irks me when sleazes win.

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  1. It's happening on Smashwords, too. Some sleaze writer copied my title, "A Simply Wonderful Holiday" about two minutes after it was published. I Googled the writer, Jessica Wanton, and found out that she - presuming it really is a she - writes adult material and tries to promote using that same nasty trick.


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