Monday, October 18, 2010

Iron Man 2 and How to Train Your Dragon

There were two movies this weekend. I'm just going to do short bits about each.

Iron Man 2
Robert Downey Jr. returns as the superhero. I love the Tony Stark character because he’s equal parts ego, intelligence and eccentricity.

Anyway, in this sequel, we find that the reactor thingy in Stark's chest is killing him because it's unstable and pumping poison into his bloodstream. Too, the government is breathing down his neck about the suit because they consider it a weapon, which it is.

Then Mickey Rourke's crazy ass Russian character, Ivan Vanko, shows up. His father was wronged by Stark's father, so he's out for revenge. Like Stark, he is brilliant. He makes his own iron man suit and attacks. There's more but I'm not going to sit here all day and type this shiz out.

Bottom line - Iron Man 2 is totally awesome. The action is intense, the special effects are amazing, acting is glorious, and the plot is complex but in a wonderful way that adds depth to the story. Iron Man 2 gets A+.

How to Train Your Dragon
Yea, it's a kids' movie, so what.
We actually bought this one for the children, so I guess it's a good thing we liked it!

It's about a kid in a Viking village. The village has a big problem with dragons doing nightly raids on the village, so most of the townspeople spend a lot of time and effort repelling the raids.

When name befriends a dragon he shoots out of the sky, he discovers that the dragons aren't the monsters the Vikings thought they were.

The dragons are kitties!

Now there's a sentence I never thought I would type.

They are reptiles, but there are some major kittyish behaviors such purring and swatting at moving objects, and a catnip-like love of a type of grass. The main dragon, Toothless, even has cat eyes.

How To Train Your Dragon was sweet and funny and filled with action. A+ too!
Yay we all win.

I don't have a set plan this week. I'm flying by the seat of my blog pants.

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