Thursday, October 7, 2010

look what I can do!

Hey there, internets.

Today is kind of a weird post. First we have two instances of Look-What-I-Can-Do.

Please note tabs at the top of the blog. That's right, I learned how to make extra pages on the blog! Yay me! There's a new bio in the About section and information about my writing on the other tabs. I feel quite fancy.

For my next Look-What-I-Can-Do, I hooked up Search Inside the Book on Amazon! Weeeee!!!

Ok, I'm out of look-what-I-can-dos.
I have winners for the giveaway, I promise. I am sending out e-mails shortly. There is one winner of a print copy. I decided to give everyone who entered the drawing a smashwords code for a free copy of the ebook. Everyone is winner winner chicken dinner!
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