Thursday, May 20, 2010

Poor J. Love

I read that Ghost Whisperer was canceled. Awwwww, I know. I watched that show and liked most of it, despite some of the cheesiness. I always loved J. Love's outfits and the guy that played her husband brought his hotness to my TV every Friday night.

The part of the show that cracked me up was near the end of every episode. It was the heart to heart talk between the ghost and his/her loved ones, during which the ghost would attempt to make amends with whoever they had harrassed throughout the episode. The ghost would say what they needed to say and then Jennifer Love Hewitt's character would convey the message to the living, non-ghost whispering types. The problem was, she never accurately conveyed the message to the living. The ghost could go through this whole spiel about why they were acting a fool and how sorry they were, then J. Love would be like, "He says he's sorry."

Apparently, when you're dead, the bottom line is all that matters.


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