Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Friday Updates

Listening to: The END, Black Eyed Peas
Reading: Witch and Wizard, James Patterson, also rereading the College Handbook for Creative Writing, Third Edition

This week has been crazy. I posted downloads of Part One of She Who is Vengeance in several places online, which involved a lot of reformatting and converting, etc. It was worth the effort. As of right now, Part One has been downloaded from smashwords 44 times! Hopefully people will like it well enough to want to read the rest of it. Part One is also available as a free ebook download on my website ( and on Scribd (

What else? I haven't had quite as much time to draw this week, which makes me a little sad. I still work a day job, so once dinner is over, the kids are taken care of, the workout is done (on workout days) and whatever book working is done, I don't have much time left for the illustrations. Most of the illustrations take around 8 hours from sketch to finished product. I can probably make up some time on that this weekend.

Here's one that I finished last week that I just haven't posted yet. This one is called The Seamstress. Click the pic if you would like to order a print or see the rest of my gallery.

Hmmm, oh, the girl got yet another piece of braces related hardware this week. I'm feeling bad for her. My braces weren't all that much fun. Hers are far worse by comparison. She now has the regular braces, a palatal expander and arms (like hinges) at the back of her mouth that train her bottom jaw forward. It's pretty nuts. Hopefully, she doesn't have to wear all of that stuff for the full two years. Bright side is, she should have flawless teeth by the end of the ordeal. That ortho means business!

I think that's all I have for now. Next week, I'll post the Fox and Willows illustration if I finish it this weekend. I will probably have some sort of comment on the Lost finale too.

Oh, my novel comes out officially on Friday if all goes as planned! That gets the stomach butterflies in a tizzy, but I'll be alright, I suppose. Have a good weekend!

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