Tuesday, May 11, 2010

longish blog entry

Let’s see.

I dyed my hair too dark accidentally…again. Apparently in Revlon Colorsilk world, medium brown is actually super dark espresso brown. This fact only leads me to the conclusion that their version of dark brown is actually black and their black is probably somewhere between the color of the deepest reaches of the universe and negative space.

I tried to kill my pretty new (to me) mustang by gently rolling over a giant median. I was turning into Wendys to get my badunkadunk on and hopped two wheels on the driver’s side up onto curb and into some mud. Never fear. Baby is fine, with the exception of a couple of dings on the Pirellis. I apologized to my car several times and have promised never to do such a thing again. It is my understanding that the car has accepted my apology.

I wrote nothing this weekend, which is completely out of the ordinary for me. Instead, worked on converting my pencil sketches to digital format. I will post one or two on the blog this week.

Long weekend movie rundown.

Where the Wild Things Are – We actually bought this for the kids on DVD before we watched it. Big mistake. The movie is all style and no substance. The plot is almost an afterthought, it seems. Much of the movie is just random action and odd conversation. The kids liked it though, so I guess that’s what really matters.

The Lovely Bones – So awesome. I really loved this movie. It’s about a young girl who is murdered. From a limbo state of existence, she watches her family deal with her death, her father investigate, and she watches her murderer. The parts of the movie that showed her in limbo really reminded me of What Dreams May Come. The special effects are amazing. The acting and the story were very good.

The Offspring – This was a horror movie. Wild cave person cannibals attack civilized folk. It was over the top gory and sort of felt like the director was trying to emulate Rob Zombie. The filming was too dark. The dialog was quite cheesy in places. However, the absolute worst part of the movie was this sound effect they kept using. It began in the theme music and carried on throughout. I’m not even really sure how to describe the sound. It was a high-pitched, nails on a chalkboard, but more like a synthesizer noise. It made me want to throw the remote at my television.

Sherlock Holmes – Yes! I finally got to see this movie. Was I the last? I am thinking probably yes. Sherlock Holmes was totally awesome. There was a ton of action, a lot of parts that cracked me up, stuff blowing up, and Robert Downey Jr. looking sexy as hell. Loved it!!!

That’s all I have for now. But really, isn’t it enough?

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