Monday, May 24, 2010


As of today, 100 people have either viewed Part One of She Who is Vengeance on or downloaded it from! Oh yeah, superstar! woo, me. That's not counting anyone who may have read it through my regular website.

I looked at the prologue for the next book, the one due out this fall, and decided to trash 90% of it. I'm feeling a little frustrated. The information in the prologue is integral to the very beginning of the story, so I can't just axe it completely. I am busting out a spiral notebook to rewrite the thing from scratch. We'll see how that goes. I need to move significantly faster with this project.

I have not yet watched the Lost finale in its entirety. I watched it last night, but the show ran too late for me to finish watching it. Therefore, I spent my day NOT clicking links with the word Lost in them. I think we are watching the rest today.

I finally finished Fox and Willows over the weekend. Here it is.

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