Thursday, November 5, 2009

how many do you need?

soundtrack of the day - Adele, 19

Someone sent me a link to this product on Sephora's website today.

It's a $48 set. This is a really good deal, but the amount of makeup it comes with seems a little over the top to me. 84 eyeshadows? 60 lip glosses? wow.

What struck me as funny about this was the customer review section. One person on the first page commented that this was her second ultimate blockbuster kit. She bought the second one because it came with some items that her first one didn't. Really? You need TWO of them?!?!!? Are you reproducing the Sistene Chapel ceiling in your bathroom or something? Do you do some side work as a circus clown? Another person commented that they wished there were more eyeshadows in place of some of the lip glosses. Again, 84 different eye shadows are not enough for you?

The thing does look like fun, but I am afraid that I would end up looking like Mimi on Drew Carey.

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