Monday, November 9, 2009

Death of a Loyal Synonym Finder

There comes a time when we must all let go. That time has come for my Synonym Finder.

We have been together through at least two novels, countless rewrites and research papers in college. My Synonym Finder has seen me through them. It stood by my side despite the many injuries it has sustained. I remember its first trauma. A certain two year old who shall remain nameless, picked it up by the flimsy paperback cover and the sheer weight of the words within caused the cover to rip. I lovingly bandaged the dear heart, my Synonym Finder. It wasn't the book's fault. Given the length (1361 pages), it should never have been a paperback to begin with.
I did the same with its many injuries after that: falls from the arm of my recliner, dives into the iron magazine rack in the living room, rough crams into the book case, maybe even a wine spill or two. With inordinate amounts of masking tape, our working relationship persevered.

Gradually, the pages within have begun to suffer and with this newest blow (a 3" rip to the back cover), the damage is too extensive. And so I mourn the impending loss of one of my favorite books. I shall remember it fondly always, or at least until I receive the hard cover edition I plan to order from Amazon this weekend.

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