Tuesday, November 24, 2009

book working

I finished another draft of the demon book. This was the best version so far. I think I said that it would be the final, but I am going through it one more time. I changed too much of it to be comfortable with releasing this version without reading it.

And alas, I did not finish the cover art as I said I would in a previous post. Apparently writing something down (in this case, typing) did not actually cause me to complete the task. I worked on finishing the second to last draft instead, so I guess it's not like I slacked off. I will be happy when I'm finished and it's out there on paper and I can't take it back and mess with it.

I'm having trouble letting my poor book go. I plan to use my upcoming four day weekend to do the last read through. Then I will be ready to set it free.

As for right now, I have cover art to work on.

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