Wednesday, June 9, 2010

wanna hear it, here it go

I am SO tired! I went to Chicago today and it was so awesome. I seriously need to visit more often. The sky was clear and the water in Lake Michigan was this deep, turqoise color. The parts of the city we drove through were so clean.

We visited the Museum of Science and Industry. The museum remodeled since the last time I was there. They added a new storm exhibit, which was really cool. There were tornados and waves and wind. There was also a giant tesla coil hanging from the ceiling that, every so often, made lightning-like sparks and a severly disturbing electrical noise that seemed to upset my boy.
Overall, with the exception of having to pay 16 freaking dollars for parking at the museum, it was a good trip.

illustration time. I didn't upload this one to the zazzle gallery. I might in the future, but not right now. The sketch for this one actually predates my other illustrations.


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