Wednesday, June 16, 2010

answering a question

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Ok, I had a question about my lulu store and I thought I would go on and answer it here.

There are currently two editions of the print version of She Who is Vengeance on lulu. The first edition is $13, I think, and the second edition is $16. The question of the day is, what is the difference between them?

The first edition of the novel (the $13 one) is only available through lulu and will probably only be available at lulu until I decide to take it down. The only differences between the first edition and the second edition are a slightly altered cover and a different ISBN number. The story is the same.

Now, why does the second edition cost more? When you submit a book for the published by lulu option and their distribution, they adjust the price for retailers like amazon who probably want to make a profit. I can't blame them for that. Also, I think lulu might mark the retail price of the book up so retailers can mark it down later if they so desire, but that's just a theory.

Even though the second edition costs more, I (as the author) will actually make about 1/3 less per copy sold than I do with the first edition. Lulu authors can manually adjust the amount of the royalty. However, if you nudge that amount too high, you risk putting your book in too high of a price range.

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