Friday, June 25, 2010

Trying Something New

I sometimes write about books on my blog, whatever I'm reading, which is usually mainstream best selling fiction.

I'm tired of reading what everyone else is reading. James Patterson does not need (or probably want) my help selling his books. I've decided to review self published or indie published books.

I was thinking one a month to start, here on the blog. No, I'm not charging, other than a copy of the e-book itself.

And since I'm doing this primarily out of the goodness of my heart, I get to make the rules.

Length - 100,000 words or less
These genres only - horror, sci-fi, paranormal, suspense, humor/comedy, mystery, fantasy, or action, YA is ok as long as it fits into one of the above categories.

Please DO NOT submit - anything shoddily edited, poetry, romance, soap opera type dramas, fan fiction, nonfiction, memoirs or biographies, erotica, religious propaganda, anything boring or that features werewolves and/or vampires.

If you are interested in having your book reviewed here, visit the form via the link below. I will give special consideration to anyone who follows my blog and/or follows me on the Twitter (@LeaRyan1), so please be sure to include your id.

No sales pitch other than the synopsis is necessary. I don't care about anyone's resume or how deep their narcissism runs.

I'll choose the first book some time before July 1st and announce it on the blog and my Twitter.

The submission form is on the Book Reviews tab on my website.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. You are a brave soul to venture into this area considering I believe many writers don't know what editing is.


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