Monday, June 14, 2010

enjoying a quiet moment in the house

Yes. This usually doesn't happen...ever. I am alone in my house! It's so quiet. I know it won't last.

I'm editing the witch book (the actual title will be revealed at a much later date) and as I get back into slash and burn mode, I find that I'm burning a lot less than I did with the last book.

There are familiar frustrations though: the search for that perfect word I can't quite dredge up from some wine-washed portion of my brain, descriptions of settings that I spend forever trying to get just right, important details and story points that should have been added in the first round, repetition extraction.

But for the most part, this project feels...easier for me, which is very nice. I'm getting to a point at which the whole writing thing is less strenuous. Getting comfortable in my own fiction writing skin (yes I know that doesn't make much sense) has taken me around six years.

Ah, child number one has returned. End quiet time.

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