Thursday, April 5, 2012

some Texas pictures

Ok, here are some Texas pictures! Woo! I recently went there on vacation. These are not in the right order, but Blogger is fighting me and I have stuff to do, so they're just going to have to be that way.

The husband and I recently went to Texas WITHOUT children. Crazy, right? It was fun. We hung out in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for a while and then headed over to the San Antonio neck of the woods to hang out with my aunt and uncle.

This first picture is of the River Walk in San Antonio. It is really beautiful. There are cafes and fountains everywhere. It's sort of like the White River canal in Indy, only way cooler.

We went on a boat ride that took us around the River Walk. We saw many interesting things like this mosaic on a theatre.

And here we jump to the Alamo. They really don't want you to touch the walls at the Alamo. Seriously do NOT touch the walls. There's a sign like every ten feet. But then in a fenced-off section, there was a lady who was scraping stuff off the wall, so...that was kind of weird. The building towering over the back of the Alamo is a hotel.

The bird above is a Great-tailed Grackle. They were everywhere and made a variety of seriously noisy noises, one of which sounded like a creaky door.

Next up, we ave the Fort Worth Stock Yards. The streets were lined with shops and bars and restaurants. Every day at 11:30, they walk the longhorns down the street to a fenced in area.

The picture below is from the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio. It was a beautiful place with freakishly huge goldfish.

Now we bounce quickly to part of my aunt's back yard. We stayed with them for a couple of nights and were very spoiled. She lives on a large hill mountain thingy. Her back yard slopes into a canyon. This is a picture from the first ledge down into the canyon. I would have liked to get farther down there to see it. Maybe next time.

Someone told me that the above building  is an opera house. I have not
confirmed that information, but it does look the part. Note the giant angels on the
of the building.
Another shot of the Japanese Tea Garden

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  1. Great pics! I love Japanese and Chinese gardens! They're so beautiful, they'd be a great place to write don't you think?


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