Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wednesday stuff

Wednesday! Friday is the day after tomorrow. I think I can make it.
What is going on? I’m still working on the Pestilence rough draft. I’m at about a third of the way through it (if all goes as planned) at a little over 34000 words.

I’m trying to focus on that until it’s finished because I’m on a bit of a deadline with it, so blog attendance might be sporadic for the next month or so. Most brain power is being diverted to slapping words on pages.

I do, however, have these two awesome pictures from San Antonio that I didn’t post previously. The first picture is a road thing that goes through a Mexican market with some colorful flags. The second photo is from the front of an amazing Mexican restaurant called Mi Tierra. LOVED. IT. If it was close to my house, I’d weigh 300 pounds, for realz.

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