Thursday, April 19, 2012

gratuitous moo and an awesome link

I took this picture of my fur baby, Max (aka Moo), the other day. I love it so I'm sharing. His paw has a pink spot because his new hobby is trying to lick off all his fur. He also has a bald spot near the front of his tail, which he is very sensitive about. He gets anxious and he also has seasonal allergies, so I'm pretty sure he is licking for one of these reasons. He's still my old baby. my old, bald butt baby.

The link below may be my new addiction. It's for the CG society. They have a mindblowingly amazing gallery of digital illustrations, 3D and such. They make me really want to step up my art game, for reals. It's like I'm over here scribbling with crayons. lol

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