Friday, March 16, 2012

some friday rambling

It’s Friday! Woo!

Ok, I hope this post doesn’t make me sound like a pretentious twit. Also, fyi, I am not an idrone. I have strong opinions on the ipod, and they aren’t good.
The husband got me an ipad for Valentine’s Day. I recently decided that I was going to try to write on it.

I’ve written on several different devices. I’m kind of a technology geek. I had a few Palm pdas, an ipaq, a Blackberry and of course, the laptop. I like being able to write on the go.

The ipad is by far my favorite thing to write on right now. Typing on it is ok. It’s kind of quirky sometimes. However, it does have something close to a full keyboard, so that’s nice.

I also like that I can just pick it up anytime and start typing. I don’t have to wait for it to load like the laptop. I don’t have to have it on a desk. The ipad has the convenience and portability of a paper notebook and word processor power that’s somewhat comparable to a laptop. I’ve actually been able to write faster on it. I started a new book earlier this week and I’m 10,000 words in.

I also think it will be good to edit on because I can hold the thing in my hand, kind of like paper, but I can make the changes directly in the document instead of carrying around a printed manuscript in a binder. I’ll probably still do the paper edit at least once for each book project, but I can definitely cut down on the number of trees I’m killing. Plus I could almost eliminate the whole transferring the changes on paper into the computer task, which I truly do not enjoy.

That is all.

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  1. I like typing on the keyboard instead of touchscreen if I am I writing anything of significant length. Also, I found out this weekend that while photos are function is decent.


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