Friday, March 30, 2012

I am not dead.

I am not dead. I did not fall off the edge the Earth.

However, I was on vacation in Texas, which is a totally awesome place. I hung out with the fam, specifically my favorite aunt and uncle and my brother in law, who is also a favorite, mostly because he’s the only one I have thus far.
I ate enough Mexican food to add about 8 pounds to my body weight, but it was quite delicious. That’s the important thing with food – it must be worth the calories, and trust me, it was.

Bluebells are the Texas state flower. They were everywhere and very pretty. Here is a pic.

I’ll post more vacation photos soon.

A couple of quick bits of info. The limited edition of Lair of the White Wyrm is up until Monday evening. The price is discounted to $10.50 until I pull book for all time. Here is
the link -
Thank you to everyone who entered the Goodreads giveaway. The number of entries exceeded 500 people, which is awesome! Congrats to the two winners. I will be shipping the books out shortly.

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