Monday, March 19, 2012

movie: No Strings Attached

We watched No Strings Attached this weekend. It was a chick flick, not usually my favorite kind of movie, but it looked like it might be funny.

Natalie Portman is Emma, a girl who has trouble relating to men. She hasn’t really had any real relationships. Ashton Kutcher is Adam. He has had a crush on Emma since they were kids. She finally decides to give him a shot with the condition that they keep the relationship physical.

The movie had a lot of funny parts, and of course, it was romantic. One thing I liked about this movie was that it was a little less cliché than the usual chick flick. I hate movies where the girl is mindlessly chasing the guy around the whole time. That kind of desperation is unbecoming.

No Strings Attached was ok, not exactly art on film, but entertaining enough. It gets a B.

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  1. No Strings attached was an OK movie. It wasn't that great, but it wasn't all that bad either.


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