Monday, March 5, 2012

in lieu of movie, monster trucks

No movie today! We went to the Monster Jam in Indy. We had never been before. It was loud and crowded and quite fun. Here are some pics for you.

The Monster Jam was in Lucas Oil Stadium. I hadn't been there yet, so it was cool to get to see it.

The way the arena was set up with the dirt, the enthusiasm of the crowd, etc, I was reminded of gladiator arenas of ancient Rome.

This was my favorite. It was the Ironman truck.

The truck below is Spiderman, as you can probably tell. The man sitting two seats down from me said of this truck, "That 'un right there jump purdy good."

LOL! I wanted to be like, thank you, sir, for making my experience authentic. It was a very Larry the Cable Guy moment.

Here is a pic of Gravedigger flying through the air!
Here is a pic of Gravedigger not flying through the air.
One aspect of this competition that I found interesting was that the drivers almost seemed to want to destroy the trucks. The truck in the picture below is Maximum Destruction. They should have called him Maximum Self-Destruction. He flipped the truck over during qualifying and drove in a generally rough manner the entire time.
I took this picture during what they called Freestyle time. He had already rolled the truck a few times. Pieces were scattered around the arena. A minute or so before this, he actually knocked the front passenger side tire completely off the truck. The maintenance people all ran out to him. He sent them away and KEPT driving...on three wheels. It was nuts!
He even went over the ramps in that condition. It was very badass.

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