Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Petyon and an Interview

Aw, Peyton Manning is leaving the Colts! I'm not a football fan but it does make me sad. He seems like an okay guy with the whole Riley Children's Hospital donation and other things he does for the community. He really seemed to bring the team together too. Like The Dude's rug, he pulled the room together.

However, I do understand why Jim Irsay might not want to pay him for another season of sitting on the bench. I know very little about sports in general but I can say that the best quarterback in the universe is no good to you if he's stuck on the bench all of the time. How many millions of dollars did Manning make last year?

I can’t believe that Peyton won’t be a fixture around town anymore. You get used to certain faces being present, especially after 14 years. I hope whoever replaces him has similar character and the willingness to pull the room together.

Anyway, guess what I have – a link to an interview. Be sure to check it out. This one was fun.

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