Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RES 5!!

I FINALLY got Resident Evil 5. I ordered it used from Amazon because paying $60 for a video game hurts my heart.

I played and finished Resident Evil 4 on wii earlier this year. That was a great game. However, the graphics were meh. Really, wii graphics are never great. I don't know the numbers, the bit number or twatever. My geekiness does not extend that far.

Resident Evil 5 so far is, well, evil! The zombies are wicked fast, maybe even faster than they were in RES4. The initial setting is a dirty, ramshackle village in Africa. Like RES 4, you have a partner, only this time, you can't kill her, which is a plus for klutzes like me. Anyway, the speed of the zombies, this is me focusing. I played through the first chapter yesterday. With the new zombies, you see one from a distance, it sees you, then you have maybe five seconds before it races in your direction and tries to bite your face off. Seriously, it's nerve wracking when there are like 50 of them chasing you.

I'm still adjusting to the controls and I feel totally awkward. One change the developers made is that the game doesn't pause when you enter the item menu. In every other Resident Evil game that I've played, if you enter the item menu to heal or make an adjustment to a weapon, whatever, the game pauses. Not this time.

I guess I'll just have to be on my toes a little more this time around!

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