Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am

A good way to start out a blog, I think, is an introduction to the person who is writing it.

My name is Lea Ryan. Most of my waking moments are spent either writing or reading. My day job, which I deeply appreciate having at the moment, consists of writing mundane, vanilla corporate blah.

I continue plugging away at the keyboard when I get home because that's what I do best. I am a writer. I'm not tired of writing at the end of the day. I am tired of the blah, so I turn to fiction. That is my party time.

As far as personal interests go, I am basically a ten year old boy trapped inside a 31 year old woman's body. I enjoy many things geek, which you will see in later posts, I'm sure. I love video games, Star Trek (next generation, baby!), Star Wars, old horror movies. I grew up on geek with my Commodore 64, original nintendo and atari consoles and piles and piles of books. I could go on, but I won't because that would be boring.

I like to read when I'm not watching movies or writing. I just finished Whitley Streiber's The Grays and I started Kafka's Metamorphosis. Yes, yes, I haven't read Metamorphosis yet, hard to believe.

I grew up on classic literature, thanks to my mother. My heroes are Poe and King. I'm partial to Shaekespeare too. The dialogue between his characters just amazes me. It's so complex. He was something beyond genius. I've been reading some James Patterson lately, Daniel X and Maximum Ride. I wouldn't call him a literary genius, but I like that his books are short and easy to read. They're also full of action, which is a plus.

Anyway, that's all I have for today.


  1. I read Kafka in HS. And I remember thinking... WTF??? I didn't get it. Ah well.

    As for reading some pulp mainstream fiction... my guilty pleasure is Tom Clancy. Yeah his stories are rather predictable but... they're easy to read and mildly entertaining.

  2. AW! You are my first commenter (is that a word?). Thank you!
    Yes, it's a pretty weird deal so far. I'm a little over halfway through.


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