Friday, September 25, 2009


on the mp3 player - Katy Perry, One of the Boys

reading - Inferno

The season premier of Ghost Whisperer is on tonight! YAY! I just turned it on. Yes, I know it's cheesy and they jumped a big fat shark the season before last when her husband died and came back to life in the body of another man. I don't care. I love it anyway. I love the creepy parts, and J. Love and her over the top girlie girl outfits and Jamie Kennedy.

On a comparably geeky note, Wil Wheaton is soon releasing a book about Star Trek TNG and his experiences on the show. I cannot WAIT! I LOVE Star Trek TNG. I remember every Friday night (I think), my parents would order pizza for dinner and let us eat in the living room while we watched it. I was so sad when they canceled that show.

He posted a few podcasts of excerpts from the book on his blog -

They are so funny! I hope I can get my grubby little paws on a signed copy when it comes out. That would make my whole year!

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