Monday, August 20, 2012

Hatfields and McCoys and other fun times

Today I visited the dentist for part one of the crown appointment. It was very not fun at all. I’ve never had a crown before. Luckily, they said the 2nd part is the easier of the two. This time, I managed to keep from biting the inside of my face off while I was numb. Yay me!!
I have no movie post today because we didn’t watch a movie! What is up with this inconsistency? It’s like chaos up in here.
So what have we been watching? True Blood and Weeds. We watched the first part of Hatfields and McCoys last night. I know, we’re a little late on the bandwagon with that one. We’re late on the bandwagon a lot.
One thing that really struck me about that show was the suddenness of the violence. I swear the first like 5 scenes were people getting shot and such. They would start getting into a little bit of a story and BAM! game over, buckaroo.

Another interesting detail is that the Hatfields have money. Whenever I’ve seen the Hatfields and McCoys parodied, both families are portrayed as poor, white trash.
The McCoys actually are kind of poor. They’re also freaky religious.
I like the miniseries so far. I plan to keep watching it.

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