Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bradbury vs Nietzche

I am alive! My attention span has been a mess this week, for real. I didn’t do the movie post because I didn’t pay enough attention to the movie to do a proper (by my standards) review. We watched Contraband with Mark Wahlberg and Kate Bekinsale. It was good, even though I didn’t keep up like I should have.

I read a couple of interesting quotes today. The first one I read was attributed to Ray Bradbury, from his book Zen in the Art of Writing.
“We have our Arts so we won’t die of Truth.” - Bradbury
That book is now on my reading list, btw.
And then later today, I stumbled on this Nietzche quote - “We have art so that we may not perish by the truth.”
Hmmmm…those say pretty much the same thing. Was Bradbury paraphrasing Nietzche? Was he a fan? Did they just happen to come up with the same idea? Can I spell Nietzche without looking it up every time? The answer to the last question is no.

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