Tuesday, June 26, 2012

some weird houses

Hello, my lovelies! Have I got some crazy stuff for you.

So, I was perusing the real estate listings in my newspaper this last Sunday. I spotted a "dream house" listing. The price for the humble abode - $5,500,000. That's right, 5 mill plus. holy shitake mushrooms!

Houses around these parts don't cost that much. I've seen (and toured during public home tours) million dollar houses but never a 5 million dollar house. That's just crazy.

I was like - I gotta see this shiz. I jumped onto the internet and used my awesome googling skills to find a slideshow/virtual tour or whatever because I wanted to see that house! I found a few actually.

spoiler alert - it's so over the top, the thing is in orbit.

another spoiler - it looks like Elvis puked all over it.

Below is a link to the best virtual tour I found. A few bright spots to look for - the pirate statue collection and other statues (these people really like statues) and the STAR WARS game room, which is actually pretty awesome.


Parts of it remind me of The House on the Rock. Below is a link to that photo gallery for the House on the Rock. I would like to visit it one day. I wonder if the owners of the 5 million dollar house are fans. Be sure to click through the photo gallery if you want the full virtual experience.



  1. Yikes! It's funny because it always seems like people who buy those places have the worst decorating taste! Yuck!

    Cheers to you!

  2. Very true! Money does not buy good taste.


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