Wednesday, June 13, 2012

book working updates

Greetings, my internet compatriots!

I thought I would do a quick book working update. Let's see...

Devil in the Branch is in edit number 3 or 4; I don't remember. I know I say this about all my book babies, but I love it so. I may even complete all editing tasks in time to request reviews before the release date. Crazy, right?

There is a problem with loving something, however. You become blind to its flaws. So I'm trying to proceed carefully and pay attention.

The Pestlience manuscript is still hanging out in a virtual drawer, as is Llewyn's Faith. The first is a book, the second a freebie that goes with it.

I can't wait to dig into the Pestilence rewrite. I've been working on my patience with the writing for a while and I feel like I'm getting to this point in which I spend more time on the parts of the writing that feel choppy.

In the past, when I encountered a paragraph or a scene that didn't flow, I could tell there was room for improvement, but I wasn't always sure how to fix it. As long as it was close to grammatically correct, I let it slide, especially if I was on a deadline.

 Now I stop. I ask myself what I want to achieve in that portion of the story and then rewrite toward that goal or I cut it.

 This method takes longer sometimes, but I can tell already that it has made a difference.

 Some iffy paragraphs have been vastly improved.

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