Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 in review, 2012 in planning

Hello, 2012!

Let us evaluate the progress made in 2011.

My work was downloaded well over 20000 times thanks to the blessing that is an amazon freebie. I was in the top 20 free titles for a few days. That was awesome. I did sell some books too, which us equally awesome.

I have released no new work since February 2011. Boo.

But I finished writing two books, which are currently in editing. Yay!

I learned to make book trailers, first in PowerPoint, then in Flash. And I made great strides (in my world) in web page design by deviating from the Microsoft Live Builder. Yay, DreamWeaver!

I started a book blog – http://www.JourneyReader.com which is returning from holiday hiatus in the next hour or so. Through that, I met a lot of very nice authors.

I feel like I’m leaving something important out. Hmmmm…oh well, moving on.

Lair of the White Wyrm will be released in either February or March. Cover art reveal for that will be tomorrow.

Devil in the Branch will be a summer release if all goes as planned.

Goals for 2012 - Write another book or two, be better about marketing and soliciting reviews and other similar kinds of exposure. I think that's it. I would like to get a book on a library shelf. I planned to do that last year but then chickened out.

Oh yes, I will probably get a print book storefront running on either lulu or createspace. My print book sales on amazon are abysmal, so I probably won't bother making them available there. We'll see, though. I'm good at changing my mind.

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