Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Reading: Algernon Blackwood, Four Weird Tales
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Almost Thanksgiving greetings!

Ok, so I'm pushing the free short story ebook thingy release until probably Sunday. I planned to release this week but with the holiday going on, is anyone really going to be paying attention? I probably won't be.

So. Sunday, unless I experience technical difficulties, which is always a possibility. I will blog about/officially announce the release/provide links on Monday. Exciting times! I hope everyone will read it.

The three stories aren't really that long, so if you wanted to read them on a computer screen or print them out on paper, the experience wouldn't be too obnoxious.

That leaves the novella, which may travel toward Lady Editor's desk this week. I like it a lot. The novella is also going to be a freebie, possibly released in January.

I'm trying a few different things with the marketing this time around, so I need some extra time to get that all put together. It is also short enough that printing it or reading it on the computer screen wouldn't be too much of a pain.

AnnaBeth book 2 is up to almost 20 pages. That is the way out into the future release. I probably won't hardcore work on it until the novella is done.

Don't forget - if you want to be notified when things are released (even free things), you can sign up for notifications by sending a blank e-mail with the word 'subscribe' to I promise not to share your e-mail address with anyone else or drive you crazy by sending messages every other freaking day like DSW does to me.

What else is going on.

Ah, Tron drops next month! I am so ready to go see it. We have the first one on DVD and we plan to watch that a day or two before we go to the theatre, just to refresh our memory of the story. I will definitely post about it here on the blog.

I have one last guest post for tomorrow about the movie Inception. The post is written by Gunter Jameson. He will be the last one for this round of guest posts.

I hope to hook up some author interviews for the beginning of next year. I think that would be exciting!

I may or may not be in Friday. Probably not unless I have some words just burning a hole in my brain.

Have a nice holiday!

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