Monday, November 29, 2010

Newish Freebie Release Monday!

Under the Freebie Fiction tab, the old freebies have been replaced with one new freebie. Well, it's a newish freebie.
Like Clockwork and A Tangled Mind is a collection of three short stories. Two of them - Amy and Mischief in Reau Garden are previous releases.

The new story is called A Great Man. It's about a guy named Charlie who leaves a bar with a girl and wakes up at her place. She doesn't want him to leave. He doesn't have his car and they are at an isolated location in the country, so he doesn't have much say in the matter.

Amy is second in the lineup. I describe it as a zombie love story. I tweaked Amy slightly for this new release. Some of my reviewers on Smashwords offered constructive criticism that I happened to agree with, so I made changes. I also found parts that I wanted to change. The story is fundamentally the same though.

Then we have Mischief in Reau Garden. This story is a companion to my novel, MacDowell Sisters & Annabeth. The girls in Mischief are the child versions of elderly women in the novel.

I wouldn't call this story a prequel, necessarily, but the relationship dynamic between the girls is one that lasts into their later years. Also it takes place at a Victorian mansion called Reau House, which is a vital setting in MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth.

The free ebook can be found in two other places aside from the blog. It’s also on my website:

If you don’t love pdf, you can find it in a variety of ebook formats on Smashwords.

I plan to release it on a couple of other ebook websites as well in the near future.
Other places to find me:

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